In real life situation, sometime you need to change the SMS Center Number whether the default one is wrong or maybe you just need to change to another SMS Center number to get free texting (I know there are such SMS center that cost you nothing for texting).

Well, here is what you can do, I have tried this on my XPERIA X10i and this code might be working for the other android-based handsets. Since I’m using my XPERIA X10i, feel free to adjust based on your android handset.


  1. Enter this *#*#4636#*#* into dialler
  2. You should see some option on your handset, now choose Phone Information
  3. Scroll down until you see SMSC: then choose Refresh, pay attention to the format on the text-box
  4. Change the number within quote (remember not to touch anything, just the number in the quote)  to SMS Center Number you want the hit Update
  5. Voilà, your SMS Center Number is already changed